Back to Normal

One of the more persuasive arguments in favor of supporting Joe Biden is that things would go back to normal after Donald Trump leaves office. For those of us who remember what normal was, and is, that’s not necessarily appealing.

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  • Careful, Ted – memories of events older than today’s breakfast are forbidden by executive order…. 😉


  • Shoddy insurance without that stigma of a low price — 0bamacareⒹ — Death and Taxes in one convenient package.

  • Every #NeverTrump ‘knows’ Trump has been, by far, the worst president the US has ever had. I watched the debate on CNN on TV, but it was also on the New York Times with ‘fact checking’ and they rated one Biden statement false, for which many readers said they were cancelling their subscriptions.

    My cousin said Trump had falsely accused Biden of corruption, when every allegation of corruption has been debunked. I noted the video where Biden brags about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired, and my cousin was furious that I was repeating Trump’s lie, and that proved I want the worst president in American’s history to remain, instead of the man who has proved he will be one of the best.

    Biden’s voting record proves he never met a war he didn’t like. So it’s not clear to me that he’ll be better than Trump. In any case, I’m not voting for either one of them.

    • Now, now, Michael – everybody knows that you, like everyone else who remembers Jospeh Robinette Biden’s inordinate fondness for wars of aggression abroad, racist bias att home, and corruption, not least where his wastrel son Robert Hunter Biden is concerned, is an operative dispatched by the Trump campaign to sow dissension in the ranks of the faithful. We’ve seen through your «progressive pose» !… 😉


  • Let’s keep in mind the new normal under, um, Biden.
    Biden’s too-little/too-slow plan for the climate will not reverse climate change. He’ll never assemble the political will to do it. Assuming he ever meant to in the first place. But the dems and the Centrist NIMBY-Liberals will pretend everything is fine.
    The new normal under Biden will be a disaster because the entire nascent resistance that Trump is causing to erupt will drop back down to senescence right around the time Biden takes his hand off the Bible at the swearing-in ceremony.
    I guess we should be grateful Trump’s already gamed the system to steal the election.
    AOC 2024.

  • The breaking news Trump has Covid

    Café Obvious, most small and midsized cafés and restaurants aren’t going to make it without relief ASAP
    So Café Obvious should be a mega cooperate chain in a trendy location.

    The fifth panel: behind the café…. rows of boarded up small business, the homeless trying avoid the cops that want to keep them moving. Congress unable to pass any serious relief. Living in the car and delivering things is new semi normal.

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