Archival War

FDR asked Congress for a formal Declaration of War against Germany and Japan. Subsequent presidents asked Congress for various forms of legal justifications to attack other nation-states. Now Obama is further eroding Congress’ right to declare war by relying on obselete and irrelevant authorizations for old conflicts.

16 thoughts on “Archival War

  1. Hey, Teddy!

    Why are you even questioning (half)Negro Obama’s ability to slaughter other people of color? After all, a “Black” man in America is more likely to be murdered by another Black person here (except for maybe cops, but they aren’t really people, they’ve all been transformed into institutional drones), so every brown-skinn’d person in our great nation should feel PRIVILEGED to get wacked by America’s first brown(er)-skinn’d Presnit..

    Well, dear BarryHO is finally taking this bit of traditionally Executive bit of Americana and gifting it to the rest of the (browner-skinn’d) world … with a drone Santy Claws.


  2. :: sigh :: we were making progress there for a little while there after WW II when we outlawed this kind of bullshit.

    Trouble is that people never think it through. If it’s legal for us to invade & kill anyone we want under any pretext we can make up – then it’s legal for “them” to do the same thing. 9/11? Completely legal and justified in our might-makes-right world. Behead a reporter? No crime, no trial, no problem – he’s guilty of something else he wouldn’t have been executed.

    If *anyone* should step up to sorting out the mess in the Muddle East, it *should* be the UN. You know, all of us in this together? If we’d *supported* the UN instead of ignoring & emasculating it for decades, it would have the power to actually do something today.

  3. I have a letter from Suppiluliuma I in a binder somewhere here ; I’d be willing to send it to Mr Obama’s National (In)Security Advisor for a consideration, in the event he feels the need to back up the legality of yet another foreign war of aggression. Who needs Congress – and who needs the UNO Charter ?…


  4. My baseline assessment is that perceived minority demagogues such as BarryHO will quite successfully use his half-breed “Blackness” as a shield against all warcrook accusations. And since his drone-intensive campaign of mass murder is being committed mostly against what is hashtagged as “People-of-Color,” the pseudo-Dixiecrat White Zio-racists of his own party who insure his political stability will continue letting him expand his own petty tyranny against even America’s segment of White-trash society. Payback’s a bitch man.

    BarryHO’s family culture is much whiter than it is colorful. How racial identity is manipulated remains just another element of the political playbook. Right now? BarryHO is the perfect house-nigger for his global-banking sponsors, and near exclusively, they are not people of color.


    • You are absolutely correct on this one. He’d be much better off using his half-breed whiteness when dealing with his uncolored global-banking sponsors.

    • The general lawlessness and staggering war criminality of the US presidency, and its puppeteers, was well established long before Obama made the scene.

      Whatever is the miserable condition of “America’s segment of White- trash society” was firmly established by the actions/inactions of the previous 43 white presidents.

      Anyone annoyed with Obama’s presidency, based solely on expectations due to his skin color is apparently, at best, ignorant of the likes of these: Blackwell, Powell, Steele, Keyes, Cain, Carson, Rice, West, Thomas, et. al.

      Your complaints are better justified by comparing Obama’s actions with his campaign rhetoric of 2008.
      And H.R. Clinton will gleefully continue it all — not start anything, and will not need her gender as a shield.

      • Ms Clinton will use her gender as both a pole to get her up to those «heights» and a shield to protect herself, once she is there. Given the rather different physical forms of poles and shields, this won’t be easy – but nothing is (alas !) impossible for the Clinton(s)…. 😉


  5. To Henri,

    I said HR Clinton did not need a shield – the office she is apparently seeking has its own well-established one.

    The total fool is whoever is manipulated, by reference only to her gender, to put her into office and/or to shield her from “just” consequences of her inevitable lawlessness. (For Obama, of course, replace “her” with “him” and “gender” with “skin color.”

    • At the moment, the fibreglass/carbon fibre pole aspect of the «gender shield» is, I submit, the more important to Ms Clinton – after all, to use the «presidential office shielding» aspect, she’ll have to make it that far. Which Heaven forfend….


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