Anti-Bernie Sanders Attack Ads Are Going to Be Awesome

Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls and might be the Democratic nominee for president of United States. If that happens, you know that Republicans will go after him for being a “democratic socialist.” Soviet nostalgia, here we come!

7 thoughts on “Anti-Bernie Sanders Attack Ads Are Going to Be Awesome

  1. I’m frankly surprised that we aren’t already seeing*** Soviet-themed attack ads in the primaries to prevent Sanders’s nomination … brought to you, in major part, by the premier domestic election “meddlers” … the DNC!

    On a similar note, a workable definition of fascism:
    capitalism’s (over-) reaction to socialism.
    ***Or are we, I’m trying not to watch the ads.
    Just a note: this is the 4th or 5th comment in a row that
    has been subject to moderation.

  2. The most discouraging aspect of all this is how much ignorance it displays. Think about how inferior the public education system must be, and for how long it must have been inferior, that people are confused about capitalism, socialism, social democracy, communism, etc.

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