Another Victim of Government Spying

CIA Director David Petraeus, whose agency reads Americans’ email and listens to their phone calls, loses his career because the FBI read his emails.

2 thoughts on “Another Victim of Government Spying

  1. The CIA is prohibited from reading strictly domestic e-mails. So, of course, the general ordered his colonel-biographer to use only strictly intra-US e-mail, and to take the kinds of precautions that should normally thwart a suspicious spouse. Of course, the NSA, the DHS, and the FBI are supposed to read every strictly domestic e-mail for possible illegal (or immoral) behaviour, a fact that Directors of the CIA of a certain age would inevitably overlook.

    The right-wingnuts say Petraeus had information about Benghazi that would have guaranteed a Romney victory, but the various women who seduced him were all agents of Obama. Of course, the right-wingnuts agree that Obama’s team of seductresses has permanently squelched General Petraeus’ testimony, so we’ll never know what that information was, but we can be sure that if the American voters had heard it before the election, Romney would have gotten more than 400 electoral votes, possibly more than 500. And, of course, if you believe those right-wingnuts, I have a toll-bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn that will make you a mint, and it’s on sale today, so you’re very lucky.

    Why Petraeus resigned remains a mystery. Generals normally have sex when on tours away from their wives, just read Catch 22, where it wasn’t just generals, but most officers (not to mention the ‘hot’ enlisted men). And it’s normally overlooked as SOP. Or possibly SNAFU (but in a way that makes the generals happy).

    A very strange case. And one I want to hear more about. There were clearly more than just the four women already identified, and more Lotharios than just the three already identified.

    Salacious and titillating details are desperately needed to distract us as we go over the sequestration cliff.

  2. Conspiracy theorist that I am, I must admit to finding it extremely unlikely that Mr Petraeus’ resignation hasn’t more to due with policy pecadillos than with sexual ones. The question remains : who pulled the strings and to what ends ? Perhaps Petraeus and Bo Xilai could write a book together (in which case they could perhaps hire the same ghostwriter that Ms Broadwell did for her book) ?…


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