And Yet

Despite the fact that nothing has been done to create new jobs, the U.S. hasn’t created any net new jobs above population growth. Meanwhile, 20 million people remain jobless. Which makes one ask: why doesn’t the Obama Administration think this is a problem?

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  1. Wow. You’ve written a lot of stuff that shows how badly you’ve allowed your irrational Obama hatred to blind you, but I think this takes the cake. I’ve told you before, when you write stuff as blatantly unbalanced (and mostly false) as this you don’t make Obama look bad, you make yourself – and by extension, the brand of liberalism you endorse- look bad.

    Also, since when is Obama advised by Hitler?

  2. I think the real point here is this.

    The number of jobs created is irrelevant just by itself. It’s like saying the average weight of the 100 men in the room is 170 lbs. That’s great. until you discover its 50 men who weight 250 lbs. and 50 men who weigh 90 lbs.

    What’s really relevant, and which I’ve seen nothing about, is a description of:

    a. how many jobs have been created, AND,
    b. what salary do those jobs pay, AND,
    c. what benefits do those jobs confer.

    Can anyone answer what the Obama administration has done in regards to a., b., and c.? I would expect the Obama boosters to have these statistics at their fingertips.

  3. While it could be great if the Administration created some jobs by infrastructure repair and renovation, it may simply be that there are no jobs anymore at a level that could put 20 million Americans back to work. The USA simply offloaded so much, and we buy everything that is foreign now – that since the economic “adjustment” we went through – there simply aren’t and maybe never will be enuf jobs. When you stop manufacturing things in the USA – the jobs disappear.

  4. Realistically, what can a president do about jobs? Hire people? Sounds good to me, but the congress will not go along. This is why this country is so stupid. Endless obsessive complaining about things like jobs and gasoline prices that the president has little effect on. As long as congress is so fucked up, it won’t matter much who is president.

  5. Whimsical, your blind love for Obama blinds you from the truth, you call anything that criticizes him factually inaccurate, not because it is, but because you have invested so much of your pathetic belief system into him. Obama has extended and in many cases expanded the policies of Bush, as for jobs, I actually agree a President has little to do with that, but it didn’t stop liberals from blaming bush for loss of jobs. It is sad and pathetic that your religious views (Obama is god) blind your political decisions.

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