Americans Don’t Care About Foreigners Yet They Care About Us

Americans want to run the world without knowing anything about it. Once again, with COVID-19, Americans are wallowing in self-pity without considering the effect they are having on people abroad.

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  • 4th frame, Ted, 4th frame. We can’t escape you, no matter where we live….


  • Indeed.
    But we care so much about you people that, emulating your do-gooder’s attitude, we wish upon you all the additional benefits of the democraSSic system you pretend imposing on so many countries you had never heard of. Like eradication of one’s culture, poverty, famine, intestine wars and the like…
    Your taxes at work: Make ameriKKKa like Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, …, Iraq, Afghanistan, … and more.
    Thank you for (en)lighting so many of us.

  • Americans want to run the world without knowing anything about it.


    ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”


    All that other stuff out there is irrelevant because “it didn’t happen or won’t happen” if we didn’t create it.

    Both all knowing and know-nothing

    • Study your Orwell, this is classic doublethink. In fact the rants of Thought Policeman O’Brien to Winston Smith in Room 101 about the Party having utter power only for power’s sake and that he could demonstrate the ability to fly by thinking alone (but he won’t do it) is the perfect expression of doublethink. We (America) have swallowed “1984” whole and our crackpots-in-charge think the crypto-fascist Ingsoc Party is a good model to follow. T.P. Wilkinson had some interesting thoughts about the book and how we read it a few years ago:

  • Trump and the Trumpeters are sure CoViD-19 was created in a Chinese lab and sent to the US by the PRC equivalent of the KGB.
    So China has started saying it was created in a US lab and brought into China by the CIA.
    Fair is fair.

  • alex_the_tired
    November 6, 2020 8:02 PM

    Heck, Americans don’t even care about Americans.

  • Latest news:
    President-elect Maduro ready to launch a humanitarian intervention in order to stop a civil war!

    Due to the efficiency of “moderation” on this blog, when you read this troops might have already landed in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada, and any other states where the election was clearly being rigged.

  • I forecasted that Trump was going to make America great again, but not in the way he intended.

    Trump’s anti-science and racist policies have brought into the realm of possibility some humorous events.

    One scenario is that, because Biden is in a COVID-19 vulnerable class, it is possible that Kamala Harris could be sworn in as president in January 2021.

    Trump’s racist orientation made Kamala Harris the Democratic Party’s rallying point in opposition to him.

    Trump’s anti-science orientation toward COVID-19 makes Biden’s death more likely.

    So if Kamala Harris becomes president, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi then becomes vice president as a consequence of the Constitutional order of succession.

    Not that I want any of these people in these positions of power, but Trump has thrown a boomerang that could whack him in his head on his way out.

    And my forecast would be further validated most hilariously.

    • “Trump’s anti-science and racist policies”

      How could I have missed the misogyny blowback in addition to the anti-science and racist blowback?

  • We won’t be held accountable. Anymore than President Wilson was in 1918.

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