Americans Against Extremism

Breathess stories about Muslims fighting extremism by promoting moderation in their home countries have become so commonplace, and so cheesy, that they’re a cliché. It’s especially bad since they look like sellouts merely by being praised by Americans! What if Americans went on Arab television channels for analogous, equal ridiculous, self-promotional opportunities?

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  • Um, Ted ~

    How do you know that they(you know, the jihadists)’re not already doing that to you too? I mean, you just haven’t employed the right dialectal translator yet, that’s all.


  • I’ll concede getting involved with US TV can only be a slimy, revolting disgusting experience.

    However, are “they” sellouts for allowing themselves to be humiliated in that way or are “they” simply really tired of being droned, bombed, tortured and generally terrorized by history’s most powerful empire/military?

    Maybe the sellouts are those watching cheesy US TV?

    • PS: the foul sellouts!!
      Next they’ll be crowd-sourcing money, on OUR effing internet no less, to start to rebuild the cities our precious bombs have destroyed.
      Miserable ingrates.


    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    It always gets lost somewhere in the discussion – but Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all the same religion. They worship the same god, and have the same founding documents which make it pretty clear that “Thou Shalt Not XXX” only applies to “us” and not “them”

    And therein lies the problem, “us” depends entirely upon the speaker; “them” is “everybody else” When you’re brought up from a young age to believe that “us” will be rewarded in the after life, while “them” will be punished it’s just natural that killing “them” is merely expediting god’s will.

  • Please keep «selling out», Ted !…


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