A Woman’s Right to Choose

What about the right to choose of Pakistani women? According to Obama, they don’t even have the right to live, much less have an abortion.

9 thoughts on “A Woman’s Right to Choose

  1. If you look at their records Romney actually has a stronger Pro-rights record than Obama, by leaps and bounds. Romney is another Clinton, his data collectors tell him what is popular, and that is what he will do. Obama is another Bush, he thinks he knows everything, despite limited life experience.

  2. Whimsical has a good point. Obama has never said that he wants to kill innocent Pakistani women and children. Mr Rall is putting words in Obama’s mouth by looking at his actions. You must never judge a person by their actions, only by their words.

    Furthermore, under US law, no US president has ever ordered the death of an innocent: if the US president ordered their death between ’45 and ’90, they were Communists, and anyone who objected was a Communist traitor. After ’90, those killed by the US were enemy terrorists, and anyone who objected was a terrorist traitor.

    So every woman killed by Obama’s drones in Pakistan was an enemy terrorist, and deserved to die so American women can continue to enjoy their freedoms, and anyone who objects to Obama’s drones in Pakistan wants American women to have to live under Sharia law and be forced to wear the niqab and burka.

  3. Or is Whimsical commenting on the cartoon displayed instead of the cartoon described in the caption? In which case Whimsical’s right: there are no concrete examples of the unspoken.

  4. No, Whimsical is commenting on patron’s absurd statement that if you look at their records, Romney has a stronger pro-rights record.

    I don’t believe that for a nanosecond, and I’d like some examples. Even if it turns out to be true, the fact remains that Romney is running as hard away from his record as he possibly can.

  5. It *does* get rather confusing when the pictured cartoon is dated 09/26/12 and the descriptive is dated 09/19/12 – shoot, I wish whoever’s responsible would finally get his/her act together!!!

  6. All women, Ted, are equal, but some are more equal than others. Besides, the US has been fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan since at least 3 July 1979, when then president Carter signed the order to provide the so-called mujahideen with financial and military support against the Afghan government, which had, among other things, made primary education compulsory even for girls….


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