A Vote for Joe Biden

Joe Biden is asking Americans to do something they have never done before, elect a likely one-term president who is so mentally compromised that the country would be run by his cabinet and possibly his vice president.

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  1. Remember the ending of “Silver Streak”? The runaway locomotive plows into Union Station in Chicago? At this point, the, um, Biden Express is looking a lot more like that than I think any of his people want to admit.
    His veep, whoever she is, will either have too much baggage or not enough pull.
    The debates against Trump will be brutal.
    The voting irregularities for in-person voters will be enormous. (Names scrubbed from lists, etc.)
    The experts all say the same thing: If this is close, it will take days and days to get a winner because of all the mail-in ballots. I bet it will go to the Supreme Court because the irregularities with the mail-in ballots will be so significant (or made so) that there’ll be no other way around it.
    I hope the media realizes how much money they’re gonna lose.

  2. John Bolton doesn’t like Trump because he thinks the US should have bombed Iran by now.

    Bolton doesn’t care if Trump loses because anyone else will better serve his war lust.

    He’s probably correct.

    We are screwed no matter who wins..

    • Trump winning will be preferable. Four more years of Trump will destabilize things so badly (or reset the equilibrium at such a low level) that people, just possibly, will finally wake up. That won’t happen under Hillary the First’s reign or that of Um the First, either.
      Did anyone see this article about the two lawyers with the guns waving them at a crowd of BLM protesters who were near their home? The home is written up in a magazine.
      This is the level of contrast we have. Um, Biden and the people who animate him with cocktails of stimulants will never do anything to address this. And as long as polite, respectful protesters continue to be polite and respectful, it will continue.
      But what do I know? I’m the middle-aged blue-eyed devil, and no one wants me saying so much as boo.

      • “Four more years of Trump will destabilize things so badly (or reset the equilibrium at such a low level) that people, just possibly, will finally wake up.”

        “Anyone but Trump” will only take the steam out of the present revolutionary spirit.

        The desperate can’t wait. The hope that a different president might make things better will only leave the desperate disunited, weaker and more desperate.

        Better to lance the boil now than to hope it will open and drain by itself if only given more time.

        While waiting for pus to drain the bloodsuckers will only suck more blood and further enfeeble any resistance.

        It would be better if Trump refused to leave office after his term so that the desperate would not have deal with another defeat and then reorganize into another opposition after a post-election scission with a celebratory Democratic Party who will promptly separate from the desperate if they win the election.

      • But good for the tardigrades, our successor species, who are fairly indifferent to human antics.

  3. I am not a Biden fan at all, however, to be fair I watched Stephen Colbert’s interview with him and he seems to be holding it together for the most part. I’m afraid we are falling into DJT’s talking points if we say Biden is senile. After Bernie was defeated this year, I realized we really have to work locally to start the revolution, we can’t expect to earn the Presidency yet, before the people are really ready for it. And racial issues have to be addressed, which I know Bernie is much better on, however, the way he framed it I don’t think was effective in persuading the majority of Black voters. I know Biden was instrumental in passing all those awful laws in the 1990s that have imprisoned so many. And don’t get me started on Thomas/Hill hearings. PS Got your new book, Ted just now in the mail!

      • Goldman Sachs is always a welcome guest at any Party, Democratic or Republican.

        The more things change the more they stay the same.

        Or as in the Leopard:”If things don’t change they will never be the same.”

    • “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” — Constitution

      Technically, Congress consists of two bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

      So a member of the House of Representatives is a Congressperson and a Senator representing a State is both a Congressperson and a representative.

      The shorthand common usage of Congressperson is technically incorrect.

      The common usage of calling the U.S. a democracy is also technically incorrect, but I seldom hear people calling out that error.

      The Thirteenth Amendment is commonly referred to as one abolishing slavery, but it only reduced human property ownership rights from a general (White) right to a State right.

  4. I am getting a feeling in my gut that possibly neither Liar Trump nor Liar Biden will be on the ticket in November, and I expect that the power brokers of both parties have back-up plans available to implement.

    • Count me in on that, adabbler. Everything — every single side of the Magic 8-Ball — points to this being an election completely unlike any other in our political history. Whether it’s both or either candidate dropping out or so many shenanigans at the polls that the election can’t be decided or Space Goons from Beyond Time.
      The only joy I will get will be in seeing the blow-dried talking heads (David Muir, that’s your cue!) just fumbling hopelessly as they try to look relevantly dignified.

    • But then again, falco, is physiology determinative of policy (presumably, gill breathers would be less inclined to drain, but one never knows – think John Robert Bolton) ?…


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