A Twisted Path to Citizenship

Immigration reform: it’s not amnesty, it’s “path to citizenship” – in other words, amnesty plus a lot of bureaucratic BS.

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  • I agree – this “path to citizenship” is another rebranding of amnesty and is simply a long, interminable process where those that choose it may find their meager existence now made even worse, plus, they may die before it ever comes to pass. Maybe they should brand it as “Amnesty Light” – more bureaucratic red tape and waiting, less hope!

  • aaronwilliams135
    April 18, 2013 10:47 PM

    Good idea. But the US immigration gal should be much fatter and wartier, and just generally more disgusting. She is sympathetic, as drawn.

  • Shouldn’t the applicant be required to sing the national anthem *backwards* in Spanish, just to demonstrate that he really, really does want to be a US citizen ?…


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