A Remarkable Coincidence

Days after Congress comes close to banning the NSA’s recently revealed program of spying on Americans, the NSA says Al Qaeda is planning to attack the US – and that they found out using the program that Congress was about to ban.

8 thoughts on “A Remarkable Coincidence

  1. And one can expect that this massive leak will result in arrests and manhunts.

    What’s remarkable about this is that it’s literally a completely unconvincing lie at this point. The administration is looking to torture Snowden while simultaneously leaking information, just as it has been accused of doing, bipartisanly, in the past. This is theater for its own sake.

  2. There is also the coincidence of several, large scale “prison breaks” of “hard-core” jihadists.

    Presumably these will all, by yet another coincidence, show up in Syria to fight for “the rebels.”

  3. What a tool – then he appears on Leno, and even Leno has a hard time pretending that the ‘list of serious questions’ he is going through hasn’t been prepared beforehand, and are merely talking points for Obama to launch his rhetoric. By the way, we don’t have domestic spying, we have mechanisms….. He uses up the whole TV show to bullshit us – I have never seen a Leno Tonight Show where one guest uses up the entire show from beginning to end.

  4. And now we are told to not go to Pakistan because it is unsafe and full of terrorists.

    Ummmm, isn’t that where the head of al-Quida hid out for ten years before he was “killed”?

    gotta love the dog and pony show that is being run out of Washington these days.

  5. To be abundantly clear: nothing Snowden or Manning came ANYWHERE CLOSE to leaking something like this. They leaked about U.S. corruption; this is a leak about the U.S.’ actual enemies. Someone literally committed treason in the classical, easy-to-legally-prove sense, by aiding a group that has the explicit and clearly-repeated-and-often-acted-upon-goals of harming the U.S. government. . . and Obama et. al. don’t care at all.

    This will get this post in the moderation queue, but the following needs to be read:


    As I said before, there isn’t any room for debate here. If you leak for the government, you will never be prosecuted. If you leak against the government, you will be prosecuted even if you didn’t break the law and the government believes you didn’t.

    This is the clearest example of the end of the rule of law that any could ever come up with.

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