A New Home for the Tinfoil Hat

The Snowden revelations about the NSA have switched things up: Now, if you DON’T think the government is spying on you, you’re crazy.

17 thoughts on “A New Home for the Tinfoil Hat

  1. The government has been reading my postal mail and tapping my telephone ever since the mid-1970’s after I returned from a 6-year stay in Germany! 🙁

  2. Protester, rabble-rouser, organizer, outspoken & extremely critical writer (letters t’d editor; the occasional “guest editorial” – not to mention the blog-o-sphere.) Oh, yeah, I figure I’ve been on a coupla lists since at least Reagan’s stint as “president.”

    In a way, the NSA almost makes me feel free. Why bother hiding any more? (Answer: because I make a hobby of taunting armed sociopaths (“Republicans”)) But hey, at least I don’t have to try to dodge the long dick of the law any more.

  3. Any rube who proclaims that (especially in America) no government conspiracies are ever committed against a governed population is the new fantasist straw man (no brains). Anyway Ted, do you know just how hard it is to find REAL, radio-resistant tin foil nowadays? All aluminum substitutes are vastly substandard.


      • > Where’s the “Edit”

        Y’know I’ve decided I like the lack thereof – even tho I make a slilily typeoe once in a while.

        It prevents people from going back and changing their posts after the fact. That’s kinda fun when somebody lets loose with a rant they later realize to be over-the-top.

        OTOH, it’s a lot of fun when you ask some twit a bunch of numbered questions, they answer, then you go back and change the questions…

        :: grinchly grin ::

      • An “Edit” button could permit a member an allotted number of minutes (say 5?) to correct typos; after that set time, no changes should be allowed. I could live with that; otherwise, I’m reduced to a follow-up post that takes up bandwidth and causes somewhat of a distraction. (As a former English teacher, it irks me to see that I’ve posted errors, in spite of my best efforts.)

  4. How is it that CrazyH can post multiple times within 5 minutes and if I try to post more than once within that time I get told I’m posting too quickly? Ted, are censoring me?

      • Naw, I get that one once in a while, too. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my actual posting rate – but rather the load on the server.

      • I know, I was being facetious…I am not important enough to be censored. Nor am I important enough for “them” to be after me, or to have an FBI file or something like that.

      • @ Aggie_Dude –

        ” Nor am I important enough for “them” to be after me, or to have an FBI file or something like that.”
        Neither am I. I’m just a suspicious character who spent six years in Germany during the 1970’s and more than seven years in Mexico of late.
        They have to keep an eye on someone who spends that much time out-of-country, you know?

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