A Joe Biden Empathy Tour We Could All Get behind

Joe Biden scores big points for appearing to be empathetic with victims of tragedy. Considering all the tragic wars to which he contributed, perhaps he should go on an empathy tour of the over 1 million survivors of the people he helped kill in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • It’s hard to believe, um, Biden for the same reason it’s hard to believe Trump, Obama, Cheney or any of the other presidents. It’s the same reason I believed pretty much nothing that came out of either side of Hillary Clinton’s mouth — hey, did I mention that all this is her fault for rigging the 2016 primary and then losing the general to the least-qualified candidate in the past 20 years?
    ALL presidents lie. The more successful presidents lie better than the less successful ones. Look at all the people who have, with great pride, lips trembling, thrown their children into the giant shredder of War(TM) to enrich the top 1/10th of the 1%. “I’m so proud of Johnny for dropping bombs on civilians. What? Google double-tap and Obama and Geneva Conventions? Well, um, freedom isn’t free.
    They tell themselves the biggest lie of all: My child died for freedom, for something good and noble and true. Your kid died so some rich nothing can continue to accumulate even more wealth while you fight with your insurance company for minimal healthcare.

  • War is Peace

    War keeps the masses dependent upon the Party for “security”. It is the pretext for more control and greater extortion. Each of the global power blocs operates under the same system of control. The so-called renegade leaders are merely puppets. With the masses divided by fear the global oligarchs rule them undisturbed.

  • You can always tell who Official Enemies are because government officials tell you who they are. It’s weird to me we let them make a choice like that. Anyway, dead people in Official Enemies never count as real people.

  • Biden never met a war he didn’t like. Trump’s biggest attraction is that he’s lazy, he hasn’t started a single new shooting war.
    On the other hand, if we’d elected St Hillary, we would not have had to worry about the CoViD-19 pandemic, because she promised regime change in Russia on Day 1. Even if CoViD-19 had gotten started in China, it wouldn’t make much difference to the US of A after St Hillary.
    And Biden is likely to be even more bellicose than St Hillary.

    • It’s the supreme irony. The U.S. outspent Russia in the Cold War. That’s why we won. The Russians didn’t have as much credit at the bank as we did.
      If, um, Biden wins — and I will consider that a miracle right up there with water into wine (with Biden it’s a miracle if he turns wine into water) — he’s going to start at least one more war. How many of those can our economy take? Because it won’t be like WWII, where the war helped elevate the middle class out of the depression. All the money will go into the hands of the corporate masters while Hill and Joe and Pelosi lecture us about it being our patriotic duty to not ask for a raise.

  • Car wreck, policy wreck – same, same, save that the latter is far more profitable….


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