A Few Bad Apples

It’s one of the most common shibboleths in our culture: only a few “bad apples” among the police are responsible for the abuse. And while it is true that police abuse seems to be concentrated by certain policemen, it’s also true that the entire system is completely corrupt. That goes double when you consider the cult of silence in most police departments.

4 thoughts on “A Few Bad Apples

  1. Of course, accusation of a single “bad apple” among demonstrators, real or supplied by the cops (more likely), immediately condemns and dismisses the entire BLM movement …. at least for the masses who are profoundly threatened by the mere notion of justice and equality.

    • The truly guilty should always be threatened by the mere notion of justice and equality.

      Unless the justice system is a fraud.

      Then there is the runaway slave who was charged with theft of property for “stealing himself” from his master.

  2. Falco’s comment makes me realize that the issue isn’t a few bad apples in the barrel, it’s that there are a few bad apples in all the barrels.
    For instance, I agree that the cops are probably the ones doing these things to incite violence (Steinbeck mentions the tactic in “Grapes of Wrath”).
    So where’s the loud, long complaint and criticism from the media about this? When was the last time you saw any news organization go after the cops for being pigs?
    “You’ve got your bad cops in my journalists!”
    “You’ve got your bad journalists in my cops!”
    Two great tastes that go great together.

  3. This meme of «a few bad apples» has existed for decades, if not longer. But how long does it take a few bad apples to ruin the whole barrel – if, indeed, it’s not the barrel which ruins the apples ?…


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