A Date with Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s basic appeal to voters: he’s not Donald Trump and he’ll have other people run the country.

2 thoughts on “A Date with Joe Biden

  1. Are you trying to give dear Mr Trump a tip, Ted – «kinky Joe» rather than «sleepy Joe» ? And where does Ms «lock-em-up» Harris come in ?…


    • As Joe said, if you don’t like Joe, you’re not Black. And, I suppose, if you criticise Senator Harris, you’re not Black and you’re not a woman, making Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard a sexist, racist white male.
      It’s important to lock up poor African-Americans to keep the decent 7-figure earning Americans, White, Black, Asian, whatever, safe, and so it’s important to ignore court orders to release non-violent offenders and to conceal all the evidence that proves that many were innocent. Joe picked a great VP, probably the best he could possibly have picked!

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