A Good War…for Palestinians

The international community seems generally fine with the destruction and death raining down on the Gaza Strip. Their main concern is that the carnage not spread to other places.

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  • This is cynical even by Ted’s standards. Alas, the scale of mass murder precludes the usual cartooning strategy of exaggeration. Kudos to Ted to try to capture the gist of history precisely when it is staring us in the face (but many manage to unsee it).

    BTW Ted, I was surprised at the LAT editorial line in favor of a cease fire. Then again, it’s only the Biden admin they’re going against, and not the LAPD ;-? Perhaps you could explain the background?

    Merely surviving in the heat dome that will dominate the region in the near future will be challenging. It will be impossible to explain to future generations why so much effort was made to make Gaza unlivable prematurely.

    • The LA Times has never been on Team Israel with the same enthusiasm as its East Coast counterparts. And yes, as you point out, Andreas, it’s not like Israel owns stock in the Times’ parent company.

  • alex_the_tired
    November 19, 2023 2:06 PM

    I have found that the easiest mastery of global politics (and national politics and local politics and corporation politics) may be obtained by a simple comprehension of the forces involved: to those in charge, you are chattel to be used to fatten wallets and swell bank accounts. Any statement by them to the contrary is a lie. You are the cannon fodder that lacks, almost always, enough people who see through the veil to activate the necessary force to disrupt the system. It has been like this for a very long time now.

    The conflict will spill out of Gaza. I’ll leave out the long essay. All that will come of this is a whole new batch of lone-wolf and small-batch terrorists: angry Palestinians who will live through it and who realize the entire world sat on its hands while this all played out. In 2001, you had to hijack planes. In 2023? I won’t go into details but I can think of, easily, half a dozen things that could cause similar levels of mayhem. Our entire civilization depends on people not deliberately trying to cause havoc. And do you think those in power care? They’ve got it so they make money regardless.

    Do any of Ted’s readers really think the U.S. isn’t going to get hit — and hit hard — for our role in all this?

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