Hope My Candidacy Dies Before I Get Old

Devastating new polls show that voters have decisively turned against President Joe Biden, and that if the election were held today, Donald Trump will defeat him handily. The main reason voters oppose him is that they think he’s too old. Unlike other issues, this one is impossible to reverse.

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  • Re “Unlike other issues, this one (age) is impossible to reverse.”
    Just curious: what “other issues” regarding Bumbling/Bungling/Blathering Biden ARE considered reversible?

    • Vaporizing student loan debt.

      Using RICO to declare the GOP a criminal conspiracy and destroy it.

      Ending the Ukraine-Russia war.

      Finally winning against noted “bad dude” Corn-Pop.

      • To Strelnikov: I should have been more precise: i.e., which possibly reversible issues are suffi-ciently probably reversed, as to warrant any attention/expectation?

        Re student loan debt, this would require a RE-reversal as it seems that Joe the Bungler was picked by Obumma since Joe is as adept at reversing campaign promises as was Saint Barack himself. The Dems can’t press the RICO/Rep case without destroying themselves also. (That would not be a horrible thing but the Dems are aware of this and are MUCH more tenacious about their own self-survival than the benefit of their constituents.) “Winning against noted ‘bad-dude’ Corn-Pop” (presumably Trump) implies a second term for Joe the Bungler. Can the US survive THAT any more than a second term for “Corn-Pop”? (Note the dire situation facing the Dem control of the senate: 23 Dem seats but only 11 Rep seats will be contested in the 2024 election. See tinyurl.com/29xyr432 )

        I’ll concede that the Ukraine-Russia war will soon be defunded by the US but it will end, funded or not by the US, only as Russia sees fit. And, of course, that war is being defunded by the US only because 2, perhaps 3, OTHER wars have appeared on the neo-con menu with the exciting promise of a) some juicy Gaza genocide b) bombing Iran back to the stone age and/or c) having China cut off a major portion of the merchandise, the consumption of which comprises the US GDP … at the very least.

  • alex_the_tired
    November 15, 2023 4:35 AM

    Can anyone imagine what the first line in Biden’s obituary will be? “Joe Biden, who beat the highly divisive and alarmist Donald Trump by a razor-thin margin of 22,000 votes in the 2020 elections, and who went on to screw things up so badly during his term that Trump won reelection against him by an Electoral College landslide in 2024, leading to the collapse of America into a fascist state …”

    I look forward to seeing the”liberal” journalists doing the commentary on Election Night going from chuckling kaffeeklatchers to nauseated witnesses.

  • Trump is too old too of course, but he has turned his eccentric and meandering speech style into a trademark rather than a liability. Go figure.

    The primaries haven’t happened yet! There are sane candidates out there who are younger, such as Haley (R) or Phillips (D).

    • alex_the_tired
      November 15, 2023 3:09 PM

      Agreed. But it’s the Bizarro-world version of the Sanders campaigns. While many Sanders voters supported Clinton after the DNC helped her rig the nomination process (and again backed Biden when a similar stunt was pulled in 2020), Trump’s supporters grasp that by refusing to support anyone else in the general election they are guaranteeing that Trump wins the nomination. Politically, they are running much like a striking union, and the strategy will give Trump the presidency.

      It’s amazing how sticking up for yourself and demanding without compromise yields such powerful results. Too bad the Dems never tried it when they were in charge. We could all have health care.

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