Bibi Honey Poo and Biden, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

The Biden Administration claims that there’s more to the president’s full-throated support of Israel than a blank check. They say that, privately and behind the scenes, he’s quietly pressuring Israel to minimize civilian casualties among Palestinians and that his public posture ensures that Israel will listen. Given that Israel kills 40 times more Palestinians than the reverse, it’s hard to imagine how much worse Israel could behave without Biden’s “behind the scenes” efforts.

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  • alex_the_tired
    November 10, 2023 8:54 AM

    I already see the misdirection the media’s going for (at least the left side’s faux progressives). The “IT” issue this election cycle is gonna be abortion. The columns are already coming out from the dnc with the blank space for the columnist to crayon in their name.

    After Roe v. Wade was rubbed out, I figured there would be substantial continuous protest.


    Abortion is not a winning issue. Not yet. (When the Republicans take the Senate and the White House in the elections, THEN it’ll be a big thing again — the dems will make a killing on fundraising. Just like they used to.) People of a liberal (sic) bent say all the right stock phrases, but for a significant section of the country, abortion is available and safe, so (goes their reasoning) what’s the problem? As long as a large portion of the country is, personally, not inconvenienced by a lack of abortion access, the issue simply won’t be enough on its own.

    The big issue coming up will be Israel. Trump will take that matzoh ball and run with it. “Joe Biden?” Trump will ask in mock surprise. “Crooked Irish Joe? The Irish hate the Jews. Look at Ireland’s history. Joe probably hates ’em so much because he couldn’t get a kick back from them. The dems went after my son-in-law because he’s Jewish. And they went after me for the same reason. I mean, I’m not a Jew, but I’d be a great Jew if I was one. Possibly the second-best Jew ever, right behind Jesus.” And Biden will stand there in his cool aviator shades and that’ll be it.

    Biden will lose votes for not helping the Palestinian people. Biden will lose votes because, compared to Trump’s rhetoric, Biden will look like a raging antisemite. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s going to get ghosted, and that will cost Biden votes too. (And depend on it: Trump will do a double-dip. While railing to cut expenditures to Ukraine, he’ll also crucify Biden for abandoning them.)

    And then will come Agenda 47 and the 2025 Plan. And then abortion will be taken away. If not de jure, then de facto. And abortion will be the big issue for 2028. But by then, the Republicans will have inserted an Amendment into the Constitution outlawing abortion. Don’t worry, the Supreme Court (and how many more justices will Trump appoint in his second term?) will figure out a way to make it sound legit.

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