Parthia Will Always Have the Right to Exist

Israel’s supporters argue that the nation has an inherent “right to exist.” Why? Why Israel? There are over 200 countries? Do they have an inherent right to exist? What about Palestine? What about all the nations and empires, like Parthia, that argued they were supported by God (or a god or gods) yet no longer exist? History shows that countries exist or cease to exist; there is no “right to exist.”

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  • Israel apparently realized that it had to change the buzz-phrase from” Israel has the right to defend itself” as more facts emerge from non-mainstream media demonstrating that Israel has been ethnic-cleansing, officially for 75 years, the inhabitants of the territory it was “given” by the US and UK.

    Mainstream media is characterized, in part, by treating any event deemed harmful to Israel as occurring with NO possible reason ( I did NOT say, or mean, “incontrovertible justification”) and that any overreaction Israel might take to said event, no matter how draconian, bloodthirsty and genocidal, is the very FIRST time Israel has acted in such a way.

    This is not to say that the secondary buzz phrase is any more accurate, universal or compelling. Although having
    “god” supply you with weapons of mass destruction does make it a bit more enforceable … especially against those in
    refugee/concentration camps!

  • alex_the_tired
    November 6, 2023 7:40 AM

    In 30 years or so, the entire issue will be rendered academic. Rising sea levels, increased temperatures, refugees. By 2054, that portion of the world will quite possibly simply not be habitable by anything other than a token number of people.

  • Oh, now that will be funny!

    “ALLAHU AK— blub blub.. gurgle..”
    Hundreds of red bubbles float to surface

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