Ukraine is a Very Special Kind of Democracy

You can’t call yourself a democracy unless you hold elections. Americans have been supporting Ukraine in large part because it’s a democracy. But they’ve canceled all their elections and opposition parties and media are no longer allowed.

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  • alex_the_tired
    November 3, 2023 9:15 AM

    Speaking of democracy … I see that Donald Trump is possibly going to get yanked from some states’ ballots. Because, you know, he did bad stuff. Funny how marching the country off to war under false pretenses (or being asleep at the switch in Crawford instead of in D.C. reading the daily sitrep and allowing a major terrorist event to occur) doesn’t invalidate a candidate, nor does failing to fulfill stated campaign promises.

    I am becoming/have become highly alarmed at how agitated Trump has made the opposition. One argument made in court was that Trump and his tribe talk in coded speech (that is, even though Trump said something like “let’s have a peaceful demonstration” his side “knew” he didn’t mean it). Are we paranoid enough yet? Will we weigh him against a duck to see if he’s made of wood?

    All I know is, if Trump gets yanks from some state ballots via the 14th Amendment, his followers will never accept it. Rigged election? Absolutely, that’s the only way they’ll see it. Even more hazardous? What happens if Trump gets yanked and then wins as a write-in candidate?

    When you’re the tough, no-nonsense cop with the failed marriage and the jaded sense of justice, hunting the kingpin through the flour-dust filled factory that doubles as his human trafficking hub, you don’t pull your gun and fire it because the dust will explode, blowing the whole building apart. Similarly, the democrats need to understand that they can’t keep running this constitutional republic like their own private democracy because it’s about to go up in flames.

    • He infuriates the professional Dems because Trump is the total outsider, loudmouthed a$$hole who has a ride-or-die following. They wish they could have what he has, even though he is running from one court case to the other based on what he did to try and stay in office (the recount, the riot, etc.)

      We need somebody like him, but a genius and on the Left.

  • Innocent until proven guilty. I don’t like DJT, but until a court of law convicts him of insurrection or there is an impeachment (House) and conviction (Senate) for insurrection, the 14th amendment does not apply.

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