Make My Day

Democrats needed at least six takes to get this short clip from Biden. Remember, they ASKED for this. “Make my day,” indeed. 

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  • alex_the_tired
    July 8, 2024 9:16 PM

    I don’t think I’m revealing a big secret in that I don’t like Joe Biden. I could go on at great length about his failings (political and personal) over his very long time clamped-to-the-public-teat career, playing the same tiresome role so many other politicians do. I won’t. But, yes, in a small-to-medium way, I am enjoying this. That Biden, just for a little bit, is getting a good, full mouthful of what so many of us have had shoved down our throats over our entire lives. The indignity. The disrespect. The dismissiveness. Really savor that mouthful of sh-t, Joe. And don’t worry. It never stops tasting like sh-t.

    I also enjoyed it when Hillary Clinton lost to a carnival barker with bad hair and a good suit. What a day. I loved every stupid thing George W. Bush babbled while trying to sound like an adult. Good God. Does his family applaud him when he remembers to wash his hands on his own when he goes to the bathroom? There’s a scrapbook in my mind of all those wonderful moments where the politicians put both feet on the bear trap, all the way back to Reagan.

    If, by a miracle, Biden makes it to Election Night, he’s going to lose to Trump. And, in the long term, that’s necessary. Only someone as feral-cunning and Teflon-coated as Donald Trump has any chance of waking up enough people to how bad it all has really gotten for there to finally be a rebalancing of the system. If Biden wins (hey, if Charlie Bucket could find a Wonka ticket, Biden could win) or if Kamala or some rando democrat does? The masses to the left of center will die back down. “Oh, everything’s fine. Time to just clap like an imbecile the next time the headline tells me that 200,000 jobs were created last month. No need to ask about if they were full-time, what sort of pay, etc. Just clap and keep clapping until something hurls a fish at me. … Why didn’t it snow last year? Why are the supermarket shelves empty? Is that a rape gang?”

    Remember: Keep smiling and laughing. People don’t like negativity.

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