The Final Countdown – 5/22/24 – Fani Willis Wins Democratic Primary, Trump Legal Saga Continues

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss a variety of current events, including Trump’s legal saga and Fani Wilis winning the Democratic primary. 

Scottie Nell Hughes – Veteran political commentator 
Jamie Finch – Former Director at the National Transportation Safety Board
Esteban Carrillo – Editor of The Cradle, Beirut-based journalist 
George Szamuely – Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute 
The show kicks off with political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes sharing her perspective on President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings. 
Then, Jamie Finch weighs in on the flight turbulence that tragically resulted in the death of a Singapore Airlines passenger and injured 20 others. 
The second hour begins with Beirut-based journalist Esteban Carrillo discussing the latest out of Gaza amid the latest ICC arrest warrants against Netanyahu and other top Israeli and Hamas officials. 
The show closes with Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute George Szamuely discussing the WEF executive stepping down. 
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