The Final Countdown – 4/1/24 – House Speaker Johnson Pushes Ukraine Aid to Vote Despite GOP Resistance

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discussed current events from around the globe, including House Speaker Mike Johnson possibly being ousted. 

Steve Gill: Lawyer and political commentator 

Daniel Lazare: Constitutionalist and journalist
Jeremy Kuzmarov: Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine
Steve Abramowicz: CEO of Heartland Journal 
The show begins with lawyer and political commentator Steve Gill, speaking about a collection of current events related to the 2024 election. 
Then, journalist Daniel Lazare weighs in on the possibility of Mike Johnson being removed from Speakership due to the Ukraine aid bill. 
Later, Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine Jeremy Kuzmarov spoke about the Israeli protests and the Israeli military operation at Al-Shifa Hospital. 
The show closes with Steve Abramowicz who discussed the implications of RFK Jr.’s candidacy and how it will affect the Republican and Democratic candidates. 
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