The Final Countdown – 3/29/24 –

On this episode of The Final Countdown, Angie Wong and Ted Rall delve into various topics domestically and abroad, including Biden’s campaign amid his fundraising efforts. 

Tom Norton: National Director, America First PACT  
Steve Gill: Attorney 
Dan Lazare: Independent journalist 
Mark Sleboda: International Relations and Security analyst

The show begins with the hosts discussing Biden’s fundraising success amid his plummeting support with National Director of America First PACT Tom Norton. They also talk about Trump’s attempt to out-fundraise Biden amid his legal expenses. 

Then, Steve Gill joins the show to share his perspective on the ongoing Fani Willis saga. 

In the second hour, independent journalist Dan Lazare joins the show to discuss a Qatari royal reportedly investing $50 million in NewsMax. 

The show closes with International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda about Russia’s revelations about the financial link between the Moscow concert hall terrorists and Ukrainian nationalists. 

Trump, Biden, Fani Willis, NewsMax, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow Attack
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