DMZ America Podcast #136: Suffering from Dementia, Joe Biden Tanks His Presidency in Insane Rant

Since Joe Biden announced his run for president in 2020, cartoonists Ted Rall (Left) and Scott Stantis (Right) have warned America that he suffers from dementia. They were ridiculed, marginalized and insulted as a result. Now a devastating report by Special Counsel Robert Hur confirms that a pair of editorial cartoonists were right while the elite political class were wrong and/or lying: Biden has been so addled for so long that he cannot identify which years he served as vice president and that, in 2017, he could not say when his son Beau died (it was 2015). He is so senile, Dur says, that he cannot be held accountable in a court of law. Minutes after the Dur Report’s release the president called an impromptu press conference where he raged at White House reporters that he was still mentally sharp—and then said that Sisi was the president of Mexico (it’s actually Egypt). Biden’s presidency is effectively over. Ted and Scott ask: how will the unwinding go down?

Watch the Video Version: here.

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  • alex_the_tired
    February 9, 2024 8:28 PM

    Even though he didn’t finish naming the church, didn’t state when his son died (to show that he did know it), and flubbed the name of Egypt’s president, he might have carried off the whole Gosh I’m angry thing if, when asked about Gaza, he hadn’t shuffled back to the podium and hemmed and ahh-ed for about 10 seconds before he got the thread of what he was trying to say into the player.

    The next step is pretty obvious. After all the criticism of the counsel who wrote the report, the Biden camp has to demand that all five hours of the tapes be released (with minimal redaction). If Biden’s doing percentages in his head and offering asides about the disparities in 18th century French monastic law, then the whole thing could be a huge plus for Biden’s camp. But my suspicion is that Biden rambled and hemmed and meandered for those five hours. All the dems have to do is release the videos.

    The real problem? After 30 years of Clintonian compromise selling out to neoliberalism and a power structure that rewarded loyalty over ability or competence, the democratic leadership has no one on the bench to send in. Seriously, give me a democrat with national name recognition who can run against Trump who would be given the nod by the solons at the dnc. Political physics is pretty clear: for every action there should be an equal and opposite reaction: the Republicans have Trump? The scale has to balance with the anti-Trump: someone who will forgive student loans, force through universal health care (with abortion and mental health), and so forth. And that person has to sell themselves as more than just “not Trump.” And the dnc will never, ever permit that because such a person would fire the lot of them.

    Admittedly, I sound crazy, but I can’t picture a handover to anyone other than Bernie Sanders that has a hope of beating Trump. He’d have to take a competency test on live television, and he’d have to tell everyone, “This is a one-term gig. I will be handing off to my vice president. If I start to wander into traffic, I’ll be handing off sooner.” Veep? Maybe Al Franken. Nina Turner for Secretary of State or something similar to prep her to be Franken’s veep.

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