DMZ America Podcast #127: GOP Debate, No Money for Ukraine or Israel, Pearl Harbor Day

Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall (from the Left) and Scott Stantis (from the Right) discuss the week in politics, culture and current events. 

Four top contenders for the Republican nomination for president — Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis — met for the fourth GOP debate of the current cycle. What, if anything, was the point of this exercise when Donald Trump clearly has the nomination wrapped up, as Ted and Scott pointed out many months ago?

For the first time in memory, Congress voted no to a major military spending package, this one for aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. What does the failure of Congress to rubberstamp proxy warfare say about the current state of partisanship in Congress and militarism in general?

Today was the anniversary of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack as well as the beginning of the third month after the October 7th Hamas attack against Israel. Ted and Scott discuss the nature of surprise attacks and their ability to traumatize a society and debate the importance of such benchmarks.

Watch the Video Version of the DMZ America Podcast:

DMZ America Podcast Ep 127 Sec 1: GOP Debate

DMZ America Podcast Ep 127 Sec 2: No Money for Ukraine or Israel

DMZ America Podcast Ep 127 Sec 3: Pearl Harbor Day

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