The Final Countdown – 11/29/23 – Rival Governors Prepare to Square Off in Highly Anticipated Debate

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Ted Rall and Angie Wong discussed a wide range of topics from around the world, including rival governors Gavin Newsom and Ron Desantis preparing to debate.  

Tyler Nixon – Army Infantry Veteran 

Steve Gill– Attorney and CEO of Gill Media 
Dan Lazare – Independent journalist 
Mohamed Elmaazi – UK-based Investigative Journalist
The show kicks off with Army Infantry Veteran Tyler Nixon to speak about the latest out of the Hunter Biden saga. 
Then, attorney Steve Gill shares his insights on the Koch brothers backing Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s campaign. 
The second hour begins with independent journalist Dan Lazare who weighs in on the tragic death of the Amazon employee who died at an Indiana facility. 
The show closes with UK-based Investigative Journalist Mohamed Elmaazi sharing his expertise on the latest out of Gaza and the growing protests against Israel’s military operations in the Palestinian territory.