The Final Countdown – 11/28/23 – Hunter Biden Says He’s Willing to Testify to House Oversight Committee

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Ted Rall and Angie Wong discussed top news from around the world, including Hunter Biden offering a public testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. 

Scott Stantis – Cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune 
Gerald Celente – Trends Journal Publisher 
Esteban Carillo – Ecuadorean Journalist
Dr. George Szamuely – Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute 
In the first hour, the show talked to cartoonist Scott Stantis, about Hunter Biden offering a public testimony before Congress in response to a subpoena from Republicans. 
Then, Trends Journal Publisher Gerald Celente joins to discuss the various issues in New York City regarding budget cuts and allegations against Mayor Eric Adams.
The second hour begins with Ecuadorean journalist Esteban Carrillo who talks about the latest out of Gaza, including the possibility of Israel invading the southern corridor. 
The show closes with senior research fellow Dr. George Szamuely about Geert Wilders’ victory in the Netherlands and the rise of the far-right out of Europe.