The Final Countdown – 11/17/23 – Can Newsom Replace Biden for the Democratic Ticket?

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discussed a wide range of topics from around the globe, including the potential for a Gavin Newsom democratic ticket. 

Dan Kovalik – Human Rights Lawyer
Dan Lazare – Independent journalist and author 
Armen Kurdian – Retired Navy Captain, Former City Council Candidate
Bob Patillo – Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Attorney 
In the first hour, Human Rights Lawyer Dan Kovalik talks about the ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza, as the Israeli government anticipates that the war could spread into the southern region. 
Then, independent journalist and author Dan Lazare joined the show to discuss the bombshell report on Rep. George Santos, and how the Republican congressman will not be seeking reelection.  
The second hour kicks off with Retired Navy Captain Armen Kurdian, to talk about the likelihood of California Governor Gavin Newsom running on a Democratic ticket to replace  President Joe Biden in 2024. 
The show closes with Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Bob Patillo on why Georgia Republicans are protecting the District Attorney who indicted Trump, and the latest out of the trial. 

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  • Short answer? Nope. Newsom’s California. He’s Pelosi and Feinstein. He’s the Old Guard with a facelift and Botox. As long as San Francisco is a tent city that only gets cleaned up when China’s dictator and Biden BFF is in town, California is a scarlet letter.

    Biden has no intentions of leaving office. Like Feinstein and Ginsburg, he’s going to stay until he’s wheeled out feet first. And, just like with F and G, the damage will be incalculable.

    Further, just like moving a couch, it has to be planned to prevent getting stuck. Harris has to leave first. She’s as bad as Biden. Then a replacement veep (Al Franken, maybe, if the party can beg him to return) for about two weeks until Biden can be removed. Then Franken picks someone. I don’t know who. The dems really don’t have any heavy hitters. It’s quite possible the dems are finally arriving at the termination point of their political party.

    I mean, unless Jimmy Carter’s available. Right now, he’s just about the most popular democratic candidate possible.

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