The Final Countdown – 9/28/23 – Winners and Losers from 2nd GOP Debate

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss top news such as the GOP debates.

Melik Abdul – Cohost of Fault Lines
Bob Patillo – Attorney and Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition 
Steve Gill – Attorney and CEO of Gill Media 
John Kiriakou – Former CIA Officer, Host of Political Misfits  
The show kicks off with a panel of co-hosts of Fault Lines Melik Abdul and Attorney Bob Patillo breaking down Wednesday night’s GOP debate. The panel discusses who shone — and who flopped in debates. 
The second hour begins with Attorney Steve Gill, breaking down Trump’s legal woes after being found liable for fraud by a New York judge, and the canceling of his business certification for the Trump Organization. 
The show closes with Former CIA Officer John Kiriakou, who weighs in on over 50 young people who have been arrested in Philadelphia on accusations of ransacking stores and what drove this incident.