The Final Countdown – 9/25/23 – New Poll Reveals Biden Would Lose to Trump by Double Digits

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Angie Wong and Ted Rall discuss hot topics such as Trump leading Biden in the polls. 

Steve Gill – Attorney and CEO of Gill Media 

Dan Kovalik – Human Rights Lawyer 
Steve Abramowicz – Owner & CEO of Mill Creek View 
Fiorella Isabel – Journalist, geopolitical analyst, and host of Convo Couch 
The show begins with attorney and CEO of Gill Media Steve Gill shares his insights on the presidential race, such as Trump leading a national poll 10 points ahead of Biden. 
Then, Human Rights Lawyer Dan Kovalik joins The Final Countdown to discuss the indictment of Bob Menendez and how the Senator was one of the biggest proponents of sanctions against Cuba. 
The second hour begins with Steve Abramowicz, the Owner & CEO of Mill Creek View podcast, weighing in on the latest out of the Shutdown showdown on Capitol Hill, and what Americans can expect if an agreement is not reached. 
The show closes with Journalist Fiorella Isabel sharing her perspective on President Zelensky in Canada.

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  • From an existential perspective, Trump is the same as Biden. We’re maybe 15 or 20 years away from disruptions on a planetary scale. Credible estimates put the number of people who could die in the billions with a B. Read your Marx: our flavor of capitalism requires slave labor, and those slaves come from the parts of the world that are going to be devastated. We’re coming up on a “correction” of the same flavor as the one Grady put on his family in “The Shining.”

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