The Final Countdown – 9/7/23 – U.S. Sends Ukraine Depleted Uranium

Robert Patillo – Attorney and Executive Director of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition 
Rory Riley Topping – Legal Analyst at SpectrumNews 1 and Opinion Contributor at The Hill 
Mark Sleboda – International Relations and Military Analyst 
David Henry – Company Driver and Crazy Canuck Truckin Podcast 
The show kicks off with Georgia attorney Robert Patillo untangling Trump’s legal woes across several states, including a Fulton County judge ruling that two of Trump’s co-defendants will go on trial together on October 23. 
Then, Legal analyst Rory Riley Topping shares her perspective on the potential indictment against Hunter Biden and whether it is a conflict of interest. She also discusses how this will affect the upcoming presidential campaign. 
The second hour begins with International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda providing his insights on the controversial weapons package of depleted uranium to Ukraine, and the rift between the Biden administration and Zelensky. 
The show closes with David Henry, Company Driver, and Crazy Canuck Truckin Podcast who joins to discuss the Freedom Convoy trial in Ottawa. 
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