The Final Countdown – 6/290/23 – Bidenomics? U.S. President Unveils Economic Plans

On this episode of The Final Countdown, the hosts Ted Rall and Manila Chan discuss top news including Biden’s economic plans. 
Ted Harvey: Former Colorado State Senator, Chairman of
John Kirakou: Former CIA Officer, Co-Host of Political Misfits  
Todd “Bubba” Horowitz: Chief Market Strategist of
Elijah Mangier: Veteran War correspondent and Political Analyst
The show starts with Ted Harvey, a former Colorado State Senator who joins to discuss the New Hampshire Republican battle. 
In the second half of the first hour, the hosts spoke to Former CIA Officer and Co-Host of Political Misfits John Kirakou on the UN criticism of Guantanamo Prison. 
The second hour begins with Chief Market Strategist of Todd “Bubba” Horowitz on Joe Biden’s economic plan. 
The show closes with Veteran War Correspondent and Political Analyst Elijah Mangier on France’s birthright citizenship and the murder of an Algerian teen by the police.