The Final Countdown – 6/9/23 – Trump Indicted…AGAIN!

On this episode of The Final Countdown, the hosts Ted Rall and Manila Chan discussed breaking news, including the latest Trump indictment. 
Mark Frost: Economist, professor, consultant
Scott Stantis: Cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune
Mark Sleboda: International Relations and Security Analyst
Rory Riley Topping: Attorney, broadcaster, former Congressional staffer 
The show begins with Economist Mark Frost discussing S&P getting out of hibernation and entering the bull market. 

In the second half of the first hour, the hosts spoke to Scott Stantis, Cartoonist for The Chicago Tribune, about SCOTUS striking down gerrymandering in Alabama. 

In the first part of the final hour, The Final Countdown was joined by International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda to discuss the latest out of Ukraine’s counteroffensive strategy. 
In the last part of the final hour, Rory Riley Topping spoke to The Final Countdown team about Trump’s latest indictment. 


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  • alex_the_tired
    June 12, 2023 10:25 AM

    Trump Indicted … Again! It certainly pairs well with the illustrated laughing square about the narrative surrounding Ukraine starting to fall apart. When Russia finally wins, or when Ukraine wins and everyone suddenly finds out Ukraine doesn’t support gay marriage, it’ll be an interesting day to watch the media put one hand to the back of its neck, “Boy, howdy, that sure is a stumper. Why WERE we supporting homophobes? Oh, right, freedum.”

    Trump’s indicted, again. I guess because it worked so well to stop him the first time? Meanwhile, the democrats simply won’t even look at or admit that the most crucial metric of all — who gets more media coverage — has Biden looking like he’s nonexistent. Without Trump, most of the sites would be internet tumbleweeds.

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