The Final Countdown – 6/8/23 – Canadian Wildfire Smoke Chokes the East Coast

On this episode of The Final Countdown, the hosts Ted Rall and Manila Chan discussed hot topics, including the California wildfires. 
Nebojsa Malic: Serbian-American journalist, blogger, translator 
Topics: Chris Licht out at CNN
Melik Abdul: Co-host Fault Lines
Topics: Trump awaits criminal indictment 
Armen Kurdian: Retired Navy Captain, Conservative Commentator, Politician 
Topics: CA Armenian parents vs. School Board 
Ted Harvey: Senator, Chairman of
Topics: Domestic 2024 POTUS race 
In the first half of the ten hour, The Final Countdown was joined by Nebojsa Malic, about CNN cutting CEO Chris Licht. 

In the second half of the first hour, the hosts spoke to Melik Abdul about Trump awaiting criminal indictment. 

In the first part of the final hour, The Final Countdown was joined by Retired Navy Captain Armen Kurdian to discuss California’s Armenian parents. 
In the last part of the final hour, Ted Harvey spoke to The Final Countdown team about the 2024 POTUS race. 

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