The Final Countdown – 5/24/23 – Ron DeSantis 2024? Florida Governor to Announce Candidacy

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Manila Chan and Ted Rall discuss hot topics, such as Ron DeSantis planning to announce his candidacy. 
Mitch Roschelle: Media Commentator, Podcaster, Macro Strategist 
Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston: Ordained minister, pastor, Civil Rights leader 
Nebojsa Malic: Journalist, blogger, and translator
Kiji Noh: Journalist, political analyst, writer and teacher 
In the first half hour, the hosts were joined by Media Commentator, Mitch Roschelle to discuss Ron DeSantis’ 2024 candidacy. 
In the second half of the hour Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, ordained minister, pastor, and Civil Rights leader joins to discuss the Illinois clergy abuse cases. 
In the last hour, Nebojsa Malic, journalist, blogger, and translator, to talk about the Target controversy. 
The Final Countdown wrapped up with Kiji Noh, to talk about the U.S. defense pledge with Papua New Guinea.