The Final Countdown – 5/22/23 – Ukraine to Receive F-16s After Loss of Bakhmut

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Manila Chan and Ted Rall discuss hot topics, such as Ukraine’s loss of Bakhmut. 
Mark Sleboda: International Relations and Security Analyst
Steve Gill: Attorney and CEO of Gill Media 
Melik Abdul: Co-host of Fault Lines 
John Kiriakou: Cohost of Political Misfits, Former CIA Analyst 
In the first half hour, the hosts were joined by International Relations and Security Analyst Mark Sleboda to discuss Ukraine’s loss of Bakhmut and the U.S. wanting to supply F-16’s to the country. 
In the second half of the hour Attorney and CEO of Gill Media, Steve Gill joins to discuss the latest out of the debt-ceiling debacle. 
In the last hour, The Final Countdown talked to Co-Host of Fault Lines Melik Abdul to discuss the latest abortion bans and how it affects the 2024 elections.
The Final Countdown wrapped up with John Kiriakou, Cohost of Political Misfits about the Greek and Turkish elections.
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