The Final Countdown – 5/17/23 – Whistleblower Reveals Hunter Biden IRS Team Reassigned

On this episode of The Final Countdown, hosts Manila Chan and Ted Rall discuss top news, such as the reassignment of the Hunter Biden IRS investigation team. 
Angie Wong: National media spokesperson for Veterans for America First 
Mark Frost: Economist, professor, consultant, marine
David Swanson: American anti-war activist, blogger, and author
Ruben Navarette: Syndicated columnist, commentator 
In the first half hour, the hosts were joined by National media spokesperson for Veterans for America First Angie Wong to discuss the Hunter Biden IRS team being reassigned. 
In the second half of the hour, economist, professor, and consultant Mark Frost joins to discuss the latest debt-ceiling developments. 
In the last hour, The Final Countdown talked to American Anti-War activist David Swanson about the Brown University report on the effects of the War on Terror. 
The Final Countdown wrapped up with Syndicated columnist Ruben Navarette to discuss CNN’s drop in viewership. 
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