DMZ America Podcast #102: RFK Jr., the Durham Report, Texas GOP Undermines Democracy, Trans Sorority Sisters

Nationally syndicated Editorial Cartoonists, Ted Rall (from the Left) and Scott Stantis (from the Right), start off this edition of the DMZ America Podcast with a deep dive into the fight for the 2024 Democratic Party nominating process for president. Prevailing wisdom is that President Joe Biden will get the nomination in a cakewalk. Not so fast, says RFK Jr., who is polling at 19% among Democratic primary voters, not to mention Marianne Williamson, tracking at 9%. Ted and Scott go on to look over the Durham Report and its implications, which prompts the question of the Corporate Left and Mainstream Media dismissing the overwhelming evidence that the Russia-Trump collusion story simply isn’t real and never was. Finally, in the third segment, Texas’ red legislature’s decision to strip its blue cities of much of their administrative power is fodder for discussion—is this a constitutional move or will it be allowed to stand? Finally, Ted and Scott wrestle with changing views of trans people and the specific case of a trans person in a sorority. Should this be allowed? You’ll have to listen to learn what the guys think of this.

Watch the Video Version of the DMZ America Podcast:

DMZ America Podcast Ep 102 Sec 1: RFK Jr. Surges

DMZ America Podcast Ep 102 Sec 2: the Durham Report

DMZ America Podcast Ep 102 Sec 3: Texas GOP Undermines Democracy, Trans Sorority Sisters