DMZ America #81: Southwest Airlines, Mark Santos and Section 42

What’s to blame for mass cancellations and dysfunction at the formerly beloved Southwest Airlines? Long Island has a new Congressman-elect, Mark Santos. But nothing he told us about himself seems to be true. Ironically, his lies make him look worse than the reality of his hardscrabble upbringing. Supreme Court is allowing Section 42 to remain in place, trapping tens of thousands of asylum seekers at the Mexico border. Surely there’s a better way. Editorial cartoonists Scott Stantis and Ted Rall break it down for you.



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  • I normally respect Scott’s take on things, but he’s just spouting regime change propaganda when he talks about Nicaragua and Venezuela. If I got a chance to meet him in person, I would challenge him to find proof of one case where the Chavez government disappeared an opponent. Moreover, it’s a 100% lie that Venezuela and Nicaragua don’t have elections. Ortega and Maduro have won fair and free elections recognized by international organizations. But it’s not his fault, he’s just a typical American who accepts the government line on foreign policy without looking past the surface, except where Ted can show him he’s wrong. I know guests aren’t normally brought on the show, but journalist Ben Norton would be able to explain the reality of Venezuela and Nicaragua to Scott, especially since he lives in the latter country.

    Yeah it’s been revealed that SWA cared more about shareholder payouts than updating scheduling software:

    ” Unions representing flight attendants and pilots have said that while the winter storm fueled some of the cancellations, deliberate decisions by Southwest management were ultimately responsible for what’s been described as the company’s “full-blown meltdown.”

    Specifically, the vice president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association told Insider that the company’s “outdated” scheduling software has been overwhelmed, wreaking havoc on operations. “

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