DMZ America Podcast 73: Ukraine War, British Pipeline Shenanigans and Midterms Prognostications

Leftie cartoonist Ted Rall and rightie cartoonist Scott Stantis file their last analysis and handicap before the 2022 midterm elections, both in agreement that things currently bleak for Democrats. Evidence surfaces implicating the British Navy in the bombing of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. Congressional progressive Democrats are humiliated by having to withdraw their tepid call for diplomacy between Ukraine and Russia. Speculation abounds surrounding the brutal hammer attack against Nancy Pelosi’s husband in their San Francisco home.



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  • re: Cancer in African countries

    There is a strong relationship between age and incidence of most cancer types.
    On aggregate, Africa has by far the youngest median population.
    This would explain much of the low cancer rates in many African countries, before environmental risk factors are taken into account.

    This paper gives a lot of references to cancer age, see esp. figure 4, please google “median age by continent” and “life expectancy by continent” for excellent visuals by visualcapitalist and statista. (If I give more links I’m not considered human by the algorithm).

    (btw This also explains why Covid has hit the so-called developed world harder, as Covid mortality risk doubles for roughly every 8 years of life)

    At least life expectancy in Africa is catching up (and so are cancer incidence rates…)

    In a better world the World Bank would allow them to build out their medical infrastructure. Especially as comparatively high birth rates plus overall lower life expectancy in Africa are clearly due to poverty by exploitation. Oh well.

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