DMZ America Podcast #66: Special guest Charles Lipson joins Scott Stantis and Ted Rall to discuss the war in Ukraine and what happens if the President-elect dies before the electoral college meets?

Charles Lipson, University of Chicago Professor Emeritus of political science, and a regular contributor to Real Clear Politics, Newsweek, Spectator/World and The Wall Street Journal, joins cartoonists Scott Stantis and Ted Rall in a freewheeling discussion on the continuing war in Ukraine. They also take a deep dive into presidential succession. With Joe Biden insisting he’s really running for reelection and Donald Trump doing the same, we have to wonder—because at the time of the next election, one will be 82 and the other 78. What happens if the winner dies before the electoral college convenes? Interesting people having interesting conversation. You should listen.


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  • Everyone keeps comparing this conflict to Afghanistan and Vietnam. To me, it looks more and more like Kashmir but time will tell

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