DMZ America Podcast #56: Another day, another mass shooting in America, Putin’s victory and Hillary 2024 is a thing

Ted and Scott have a full plate. First off, they discuss the latest mass shooting, on July 4th in Highland Park Illinois, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent the next ones. (Spoiler:they actually come close to agreeing on a solution). Next up, Ted predicted it and, sadly, it looks like Putin’s forces are pushing on to victory in eastern Ukraine. What comes next? Lastly, (and we are not making this up), there is movement afoot suggesting the Democrats need to make Hillary their nominee in 2024. Scott and Ted totally agree on what should be done about this…



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  • My money says Biden runs again, but if he doesn’t, I think there is one very strong Democrat who is completely overlooked by our Easy Coast biased national press: Gavin Newsom. Sure, he is a straight white guy, but

    * He kicked off Gay marriage rights
    * He’s a handsome youngish dude
    * He’s a charmer
    * He was pretty effective at resisting Trump

    He’d slaughter Kamala and Hillary in a primary, and this is his last chance. 2028 belongs to AOC if the DNC hasn’t crushed her before then

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