DMZ America Podcast #54: Roe v Wade Killed, Guns, Ukraine and Male Masturbation

The DMZ America podcast falls off of the rails hard, but first Ted and Scott discuss the SCOTUS decision to throw abortion back to the states. Earlier the court struck down a New York gun law. Then the boys discuss Ukraine and living the narrative vs reality. Finally, the conversation inexplicably turns to masturbation and involuntarily celibates aka Incels.



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  • You both say that Roe was badly decided without mentioning how badly decided the ruling was logically and practically to the country and individual. As well, this definitely throws any concept of stare decisis out the window and ensures that any future rulings are on the basis of individual opinion and not legal precedent. This is more a gathering of bishops than a court of judges.

    • I’m not sure I believe in stare decisis. Why should a stupid decision stand more of a chance of surviving simply because it was made in the first place? Bad enough that a mistake was made, why compounded by using it as precedent? Anyway, the reasoning behind Roe was ridiculous. A weirdly implied privacy right hidden in the shadows of the 14th amendment extrapolated to a woman’s right to choose an abortion but arbitrarily curtailed to fetal viability.

  • Still, how is their decision any better? I doubt anyone will look back and say the reasoning of the Hobbs case was well-reasoned either. It was ridiculous to let abortion hang on Roe, I agree. Still, the Supreme Court is totally unconcerned by the horror it’s released on us.

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