DMZ America Podcast #47: US Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Political cartoonists Ted Rall (left) and Scott Stantis (right) analyze the breaking news that the US Supreme Court will almost certainly overturn the landmark 1973 abortion rights decision Roe v. Wade. Ted and Scott consider the impact on the midterm election campaign and the result, predict the likelihood of a sustained campaign of protest by the left, and ponder the nature of existence itself.



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  • I don’t think anyone on the left leaked this. The potential for GOP impeachment is too high and the outcome won’t change.

    Here’s my conspiracy theory: this was a Russian hack. They did this to distract western media and the US Congress from Ukraine and it’s brilliant because losing Roe will have far more impact then losing Ukraine on Americans.

    • It wasn’t a hack. It was definitely a leak. Look at the Scribd. All the pages are at a slight angle, indicating that the files were not downloaded from one computer to another. Instead, someone took a photograph of the print copies with their phone. It’s probably possible to extract the EXIF data from the photo files in the same way that was used to catch the fugitive computer guru McAfee.

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