DMZ America #43: Ukraine vs. Russia, Taiwan v. China, 2024 Presidential Election

If you like your podcasts focused like a laser, this isn’t your episode. Cartoonists Ted Rall and Scott Stantis are as scattered as the world itself in their takes on foreign crises in Ukraine and the Taiwan Strait and the weird prospects for the 2024 presidential election.



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  • Hi Ted,

    Not sure if you have a question submission link live yet, so here is my question: “Conventional wisdom says the Dems get shellacked in the midterms. It also says the Supreme Court is going to toss Roe v Wade. Once Roe v Wade is gone, do you think the GOP will immediately pass restrictions on abortion that will be appalling enough to change the shellacking calculus?”

  • Related question: “What percentage of lawmakers voting to ban abortion have themselves asked a mistress to get an abortion? I’m sure it’s not zero, but I’m not sure how hypocritical the GOP as a whole is. My guess: 20%, including Supreme Court Justices.”

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