DMZ America #39: Journalistic Malpractice, Ukraine and Why Ted Draws for Sputnik

Scott points us to an excellent example of journalistic malpractice, this time by the New York Times about COVID-19 and different outcomes in Democratic versus Republican states. Ted and Scott dig deep into the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ted talks about why he draws cartoons for Sputnik News.


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  • I enjoy your podcast a lot especially the good banter between you two. I wish more could be able to talk about issues without berserking out. Anyway, you wanted to know what would help. I’d like to know more about your work — how do you go about making a cartoon/essay? Do you go off of your intuition or read a lot about it beforehand? How do you ensure you keep the same tone through your work? Do you study an issue for a while first or do you go with your first instincts? What are your influences? Do you read others’ work or try to keep monastic? Thanks for your work.

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