DMZ America Podcast #21: Election Results, Progressives on the Edge and the Death of the Political Middle

Ted and Scott discuss the meaning, content and ramifications of the Infrastructure Bill and what Progressives will do if they don’t get a real Build Back Better bill. What do election results portend from Virginia and New Jersey? They ask, “Are there any moderates left?”


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  • HenryWallacesForceGhost
    November 9, 2021 5:50 AM

    RE: Terry McAuliffe. I live in Virginia. You hit the nail on the head with the phrase, “can’t we have a new asshole?” Neither candidate really offered anything other than “CRT is bad!” vs. “That guy’s a Trumpist!” Voters in Virginia have seen one of those fish before, so they defaulted to the new asshole, if only barely. “This guy had his chance, and we don’t remember it fondly” seemed to be the prevailing sentiment of the completely uninspiring, obvious crony McAuliffe.
    For whatever it’s worth, I did not vote. I’m getting to the point where my normal routine of writing in “not represented” because there’s not a leftist on the ballot is just not worth the effort. Sorry for being a ‘problem voter,’ DNC! (I guess it’s worth noting that on that particular day, I worked from 7-4 and then had to fix the brakes on my wife’s car, which kept me busy until around 6:30. I probably would have “voted” if the car repair hadn’t come up.)

  • Senators getting Electoral College votes is not what to allows the popular vote to lose. That’s too small to matter. What really swings things is winner take all. Dems win a lot of big states by landslides which means the electors they send better represent them in winner take all then GOP states won by smaller margins. If you really want a popularly elected president, you need to outlaw winner-take-all.

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