Episode 11 | September 15, 2021: How to Convince the Unvaxxed, AOC and About Cussing

Cartoonists and best friends Ted Rall and Scott Stantis react to Biden’s vaccine mandate and suggest ways to talk to the resistant. AOC’s controversial dress at the Met Gala prompts the question: is it possible to affect change from within the system? And there might be some cursing.


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  • Just have to say that ‘fucking shit tons of corn’ is my new favorite unit of measurement, and I’ll be applying it in all kinds of awkward social setting!

  • Re: Ted’s friend’s “brilliant” argument that the vaccine is an act of violence.
    Jesus Aitch. Both of you. Step. Away. From. The. Kool-Aid. It isn’t brilliant, it’s an idiotic argument. Violence? Black people being pulled over for driving and ending up on a slab. Starving people in a country where something like 50% of the food is discarded. People sleeping on steam grates. Working your whole life and dying in a slum without proper healthcare or assistant for your daily needs? THAT is violence. Omigod! The dentist injected me with novocaine before drilling my teeth. He said he wouldn’t do it unless I had the novocaine. What an act of violence!
    It’s time we started telling people – like we used to in the good old days – stop being stupid. Stop getting your information from Twitter and Facebook. Yes, the Imperial Presidency is a concern, but even an emperor occasionally does something that’s legitimate.

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