Episode 9 | September 6, 2021: Is It Too Late to Save the Planet from Climate Change Apocalypse?

It’s another free-wheeling discussion between right-wing cartoonist Scott Stantis and left-wing cartoonist Ted Rall. It’s another 9/11 week—what, if anything, have we learned? Scott responds to a listener. Ted and Scott clash on climate change: Ted thinks we’re doomed because it’s probably too late to save ourselves and Scott supports incremental action based on self-interest: pollution sucks for all concerned.


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  • alex_the_tired
    September 6, 2021 6:49 PM

    Here’s the link to the scene Scott is talking about on Doctor Who.

  • For most of my life, when a hurricane hit, e.g., Galveston, it did a lot of damage in Galveston, a lot of rain but not much damage in Houston, and nothing in Oklahoma City.
    Ida hit New Orleans and left a trail of destruction all the way to New York City. This is something I had never seen before.
    We need to stop using fossil fuels ASAP, but the people who sell fossil fuels own both the Democrats (who lie that they will address climate change to get Ted’s vote) and the Republicans (who lie that climate change is just a hoax, or so slow we don’t need to worry about it any more than the dinosaurs did in the Late Triassic, to get Scott’s vote).

  • “Wind farms are stupid.” ??? Stantis is stupid. Stantis is irrelevant. Last time I’ll listen to this podcast.

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